Two Magic Movie Moments

by Redd Blog on March 18, 2011

Things are beginning to get nasty. This week Redd Inc co-writer Anthony O’Connor bears witness to a violent act against director Dan Krige. Finally, he gets to sample the kind of pain he’s been serving up to his cast and crew for the past two weeks!

Anthony then follows the action to attend a doorstop press conference and learns that Headhunter killer, Thomas Reddmann, has been killed in a fire that has swept through the Lansdale Clinic.

In our latest behind-the-scenes video you’ll see two shots from the movie as they are being captured by our crew and experience some of the story twists and turns that are guaranteed to mess with your mind. We’re going to keep ramping up the tension next week when Anthony talks to the guys from MEG who are designing the horror prosthetics, effects and makeup for the film. Stay tuned.

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