Thomas Reddmann

Redd Alert: Feeling Entitled?

by Redd Blog on October 27, 2010

Thomas Reddmann provides a few gentle words of advice to cube farm workers the world over who are starting to feel a little bit, well… entitled. So what can you do about it? Maybe it’s best to act now before your Boss from Hell weighs in.


Redd Alert – Office Horror Ground Rules

October 11, 2010
Boss From Hell

Share Are you haunted by a boss from hell? Here’s one of those creepy ruminations from Thomas Reddmann where he sets the ground rules for his office staff. Tell us about your worst ‘boss from hell’ experiences and we’ll compare notes. Just leave your story in the comments section and we’ll see if we can […]

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Redd Alert #1

September 16, 2010
Thumbnail image for Redd Alert #1

Share You may be wondering where you are, what you are doing here… you need a few words of assurance from Thomas Reddmann. Welcome to Redd Inc… and please don’t bleed on the office furniture.

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