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by Redd Blog on October 9, 2012

Oct 23 ’12
Redd Inc, according to Almas Oscuras “ESTE JEFE SÍ QUE ES UN AUTÉNTICO CABRÓN”

Oct 22 ’12
A great Beer Movie blog review fresh from the Blue Mountains Fim Festival.

Oct 20 ’12
Redd Inc, according to Christian Siegal from Fiction Box “Ist ein netter, kleiner, feiner australischer Thriller”. And he should know, he just saw it in Lausanne in Switzerland.

Oct 16 ’12
Nice interview with Director Dan Krige on Sydney Unleashed.

Oct 7 ’12
A great review by the talented Renee Brack who also covered Redd Inc on Movie Juice on STARPIX Channel 415.

Oct 5 ’12
A review by Dave Griffiths on Helium says Redd Inc “will have you on the edge of your seat one moment and jumping out of it the next”

Sept 19 ’12
Digital Retribution profiles Redd Inc in “Works Sucks then you Die

Sept 18 ’12
Another rave review for the Redd Inc this time by Katerina Sakkas at Film Ink.

Sept 16 ’12
The More Horror Redd Inc review with maximum love and no spoilers says “you can’t argue with a film that has major re-watch value!”

Sept 7 ’12
Redd Inc screened at L’Etrange Festival in Paris in September and this is a review on Celluloidz (en Francais bien sur)

Jun 28 ’12
Screen Daily reports on Grisly happenings in Oz cinema which features Redd Inc’s Dungog Film Festival screening.

Mar 4 ’12
The first review of Redd Inc (prior to its premiere screening at the Australian Film Festival) by Hugo Ozman from Twitch who says it is “disgustingly gory and wickedly funny”.

Feb 1 ’12
Il trailer di Redd Inc. porta il terrore in ufficio: Atmosfere alla SAW l’enigmista, condite da una certa ..‘ – Cine Blogit

Jan 30 ’12
Socialpsychol published an exclusive interview with the Redd Inc team Jonathon Green, Sandy Stevens, Anthony O’Connor and Dan Krige.
Horror fans buzzing on Redd Inc Trailer‘ – Misc.
Dopo Redd Inc. ci penserete due volte prima di dire che il vostro lavoro è un inferno‘ according to Italian site Splattercontainer.com

Jan 25 ’12
Horror Punks Redd Inc Premiere trailer release
Horror News: ‘A demented boss works six captives to death

Jan 24 ’12
Mindsdesight.de: ‘Erster Teaser zum Officehorror “Redd Inc.” mit Tom Savini‘.
Filmtotaal.nl: ‘Trailer voor horrorfilm Redd, Inc
Filmink: ‘First Splash of Redd

Jan 23 ’12
Dr Espanto: ‘El Lado Oscuro del Jefe
Latestmovieheadlines.com on Redd Inc
Thomas Reddmann, now that’s a bad boss‘: IMDB
The Redd Inc trailer on the Indie horror blog Igorslab (from the Theatre of the Bizarre).
German site Videoraiders are running the Redd Inc trailer.
Studna.net: Czech coverage of the Redd Inc trailer release
Slightly different version of Horrible Bosses‘ according to German blog Scarecrow’s Area
CinemaFantastique.net:  ‘Mon boss, faut pas le faire chier
Kinogallery: Russian coverage of Redd Inc.
Es gibt gewisse Urängste, die gerne in Filmen aufgegriffen werden‘ …Horrorfilme 2012
MovieMag: ‘Redd Inc is a refreshingly original take on the revenge-driven horror genre‘.

Jan 22 ’12
Mortal Gore:  ‘scary and satirical‘.
Bloody Good Horror: Redd Inc ‘is like The Office with more torture‘.

Jan 21 ’12
Screen Rave’s write up on the Redd Inc trailer
Redd Inc: the ‘first trailer with balls this year‘ according to Arrow in the Head
Redd Inc is ‘not a happy place to work‘ says Andy Erupts
Dread Central – ‘Redd Inc: Saw meets The Office
The Office Can be Hell Redd Inc trailer write up by horror-movies.ca
Shock Till You Drop features the Redd Inc trailer
Trailer Addict does Redd Inc

Jan 20 ’12
Official launch is outlined in our Redd Inc trailer press release.

June 9 ’11
Horror movies blog on Redd Inc

June 8
Our friends in the Netherlands have heard of Tom Savini too. You can read about Redd Inc on de NachtVlinders (in Dutch of course)

June 3
Social Psychol blogged about the project here.

June 2
Our friends at Lost Zombies covered our story too.

June 1
Savini/Redd Inc according to Rely on Horror

May 31
Here’s a biggie – Fearnet features a photo of the Redd Inc team (including Tom)

IMDB covered the Tom Savini story here.

May 30
IF covered our announcement of Tom Savini’s attachment to Redd Inc here.

Zombie Hordes are all over us! Get the baseball bat!

Bloody Disgusting was abuzz with the Savini talk and you can read what they said here.

Dread Central were talking about us (and Mr Savini)

OK so what is Mary Doe? It’s the new film from the MEG makeup and effects team who worked on Redd Inc. You can read about both our films at Horror-movies.ca.

And here we are on Arrow in the Head again.

Horror News got us as well, thanks guys.

Horror Bid covered the Redd Inc Savini story here.

Horror Punks also helped spread the word.

We’re not done yet, Wicked Zombies jumped on the story too.

May 29
Shock Till You Drop covered us here.

May 19
Check out Tom Savini’s website, scroll down on the front page and voila!

May 6
The Foxtel Movie Network show Movie Juice featured a TV story recorded in the last week of the film shoot. Journalist Renee Brack spoke to our cast and crew in this segment which starts 20 seconds in to the clip.

April 4
OK here’s the listing in IMDB with full cast and crew! Now we’re cookin’.

January 20
Horror News covered our impending movie acting challenge deadline in a recent post Early Chance to Act in 2011 Horror Movie.

December 16
IMDB, the international knowledge centre for all things film,  pointed to the new Redd Inc Acting challenge here.

December 15
Horror Asylum, the UK’s leading horror entertainment site covered the new Redd Inc acting call out here.

How about an arrow in the head? That’s where we are listed on the Joblo Movie Network site.

December 14
Filmink covered our new Acting Challenge here.

A big shout out to the Gaiety School of Acting, Ireland’s National Theatre School who posted a Redd Inc call out here.

November 19
Backstage, the latest ‘buzz on the biz’ covered our ratings month here.

October 29
The Music Network wrote up our music submission challenge here.

October 26
Cutting edge online mag Tresspass did an in depth interview with Peter and Jonathon about the genesis of the Redd Inc project here.

October 20
Our co-writer Anthony O’Connor was on JJJ breakfast with Tom and Alex – you can hear what he said here. Go to 23:43 to cut to the chase – Daniel Krige is the director of the project by the way but Anthony scrubs up OK!

October 19
Empire gave us another run as we approached our Halloween deadline, read it here.

October 18
IF has covered the project again here.

October 18
Up-to-the minute screen industry online journal Screenhub covered Redd Inc, here.

October 14
The guys at Gaiatronik covered our Tom Savini interview here.

October 12
The team at Amnesia Razorfish updated their post with a Fake Your Own Death submission taken in their office. Now they just need to take the next step and upload it to our site as Chris did with his music track in the post comments here – hell, he even won a prize!

October 8
On Friday we were covered in the Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper. Lucky for us agency Amnesia put the article online with a very catchy title. What do you think, could Redd Inc. really be the death of social media?

October 2
Our friends at Portable Comics included a selection of Redd Inc artwork on their Comic Rack.

October 1
Australian Creative covered the project here.

September 30
Citysearch covered us here.

September 28
Bournemouth Skillshare Media Academy program published our call out to their students here.

September 27
Marketing and advertising bible Campaign Asia Pacific covered Redd Inc. here.

September 25
This coverage is in Dutch but you get the idea. Thanks @VeryBloodyMary at denachtvlinders.nl!

September 22
Cut Print Review has featured us in their WTF discussion about the future of Australian horror. Some incisive comments and discussion takes place here.

September 22
Our friends at lostzombies.com gave us a great recommendation here.  If you’re into Redd Inc. you might want to extend your creative abilities to Lost Zombies as well.

September 21
Empire magazine had this to say.

September 21
Australian movie magazine Filmink says this.

September 20
MattG posted a story on his blog The Reel Thing.

September 20
Top trade journal Encore included this post about all things Redd.

September 20
Horrornews.net covered us here including our video

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