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Ant’s Behind-the-Scenes Rant

by Redd Blog on March 4, 2011

During the final day of pre-production Anthony O’Connor leads us on a walk through of the Redd Inc production offices. He introduces some of the costume, production and design crew and reveals the cast of the movie doing a read through of the script.

The Redd Inc shoot began today and will continue for the next four weeks. You’ll be hearing regularly from Anthony over that time as the script he’s co-written comes to life. We’ve got an amazing prosthetics art team on board and you’ll be seeing some of their incredible work in future video updates. We’re going to be giving you the chance to experience behind the scenes action with our talented crew and cast hard at work and see where content contributed by our talented online community is set to feature.

Thanks again to all the winners of Act 1 and Act 2 and stay tuned because we will not only be including their work in the film but additional content that was submitted to We’re looking forward to having you along for the ride!


Act 2 – Movie Acting Winners

February 19, 2011

Share The Redd Inc Act 2 challenge was an open call out to actors to audition for four roles in the opening titles sequence of the horror movie Redd Inc. The winning four submissions are featured here: YouTuber – travisa, Relative – AshleyNunes, Patient – PRShanty and Reporter – codymichaelperry You can find other acting […]

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Movie Acting Winners Pending

February 12, 2011
Movie Acting Winner Pending

Share Redd Inc Act 2: Movie Acting Challenge Thanks everyone for your fantastic submissions. We’re busily working our way through them at the moment trying to make the hard decisions about whose work should be included in the movie. After a lot of rorting of our ratings system we’ve decided to consider each and every […]

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#11 Screen Acting Submissions

February 6, 2011

ShareScreen Acting: Vote them up? Here’s a few screen acting submissions that at the time of posting are sitting at 11th place in the rankings of each category. Your ratings will decide the top 10 submissions in for each of the screen acting roles. Seems it’s worthwhile considering whether you think these performances should make […]

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Redd Inc Acting Deadline Extended

February 1, 2011
Redd Inc

ShareThe main Redd Inc site is now up and running again after it crashed and burned under the pressure of all those last minute acting submissions. We apologise for the interruption to the web service and hope you’ll persevere with uploading your submissions. Acting Deadline Extended In order to compensate you for lost time we […]

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Featuring Your Movie Acting Submission?

January 17, 2011
Thumbnail image for Featuring Your Movie Acting Submission?

ShareNew Movie Acting Video January 31 is getting nearer so it’s time to either: 1. Tell your friends to rate your movie acting submission 2. Stop procrastinating and put your submission in 3. Tell your friends to submit to Redd Inc What Movie Acting Exactly Are We Looking For? Just to remind you again, we’re […]

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Happy New Movie Acting Year

January 2, 2011
Thumbnail image for Happy New Movie Acting Year

ShareHappy New Year to all our readers, submitters, raters and people who have submitted to our new movie acting challenge. January 2011 is a time when you might want to hone your acting skills if your New Year’s Resolution is to act in a movie. Redd Inc can help you fulfil this dream, we are […]

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Act 1 – Movie Acting and Directing Winners

December 5, 2010

Share The Redd Inc Act 1 challenge was an open call out to actors, directors, artists and musicians to submit content to be showcased in the horror movie Redd Inc. The winning acting and directing submissions are featured here: Acting: frazm – Bulletgirlz Boss, chasemckenna – HR Rep, RUSirius – Bulletgirlz Client, Courtneyy1 – Witnesses […]

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