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by Redd Blog on February 5, 2011

Rate Your Favorite Movie Acting Submissions


Fionnuala Collins is still in the lead for the Reporter role. You can vote for her submission here.


Ciaron, another brilliant Irish contender is now in the lead of the YouTuber role. You can vote for Ciaron here.


Ashley Nunes is leading the field in the role of the grieving relative. You can vote for Ashely here.


Ciaron Davies is also in front for the patient role, very strong showing. You can vote for his submission here.

We’re going to be featuring other submissions in the coming days and it won’t be the leaders. Next feature is going to be the most under-rated submissions in the pot. And there are lots of them… remember rate fairly and don’t rate others down. Remember, we’re looking for you to choose the top 10 in each category then our team will do the rest.

And if you haven’t seen our most recent video which showcases a lot of great movie acting submissions view it here on our video player.


Leaderboard Fri Sept 3, 2:00am GMT

September 3, 2010
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