DVD Winners

by Redd Blog on October 10, 2012

Winners of our special Tom Savini and Nicholas Hope signed DVDs are:

  • Dale McLean
  • Sean Jones
  • Michael Riley
  • Dan Wilson
  • Glen Dunks

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the 150 people who trawled their Tom Savini archives to enter the competition.

Redd Inc is now available in Australia and New Zealand on iTunes, at JBHiFi, Sanity and VideoEzy. Otherwise, if you’re in Sydney you can pop into Kings Comics.

We’d love to hear what you think and look forward to seeing your ratings and reading your reviews onĀ iTunes, Rottentomatoes or IMDB

The Redd Inc DVD and Blu-Ray comes with an awesome array of DVD extras including special make-up effects insights from the amazing Tom Savini and MEG in a feature length “making of” film… and of course our world-first crowd sourcing project! Watch the Redd Inc Trailer.


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Savini on Rodriguez, Machete

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Office Horror Teaser

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Win Cool Prizes

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