Fake your own death

2011 Horror – Are You in the Picture?

by Redd Blog on March 25, 2011

Anthony wanders the set of Redd Inc searching for traces of content that has been submitted to the movie by our online audience.

You’ll see our heroine Annabelle watching a witness statement that you might find strangely familiar. And then there’s the ‘Fake Your Own Death’ artwork that is now forensic evidence being examined by characters in the film. Finally ‘Office Artwork’ that adorns the desk of our our officious Regional Manager Thomas Reddmann.

All in all, just another day at the office. Anthony signs out this week’s update from ‘The Blood Room’ where our special effects team from MEG have been testing their wares. Keep an eye out next week when we get the full tour of the prosthetics and effects department by MEG’s Paul Katte.


Fake your own death

November 11, 2010
Fake your own death

Share A small sample of the art submissions that came in for the Fake Your Own Death challenge. Which one of these gruesome pics is most convincing as a piece of forensic evidence in our horror movie?  This is just a small taster of submissions that have come in to Redd Inc since Fri 13th […]

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How to be a great Artist or “I’m so deep, please blow me”

August 23, 2010

ShareTips for Artists Make sure to remain joyless and devoid of anything that could even resemble a sense of humour. Remember kids: if it makes you laugh and/or enjoy it – it’s NOT ART Suffering for your art is all good and well – but what’s the point if no one sees? Make sure to share […]

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Do this, only add sauce

Thumbnail image for Do this, only add sauce August 10, 2010

ShareHere’s an idea for an art submission – ask a member of your family to play dead and take a few happy snaps. It worked for Michael Zavros who today was announced as the winner of the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize for this portrait of his daughter in a death pose ‘Phoebe is Dead’. […]

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