November: Rate for your life

by Redd Blog on November 1, 2010

Submissions are closed but Redd Inc. goes on. For all of November it’s your chance to decide which submissions go into the movie. The ten people who rate the most submissions will have the honour of having their usernames and profile pictures featured on the big screen near the beginning of the film. Annabelle, the heroine of the film, logs into the Bulletgirlz website and is confronted by the names and avatars of her potential clients. Could one of these names be you? Rate often and rate fair… Redd’s counting on you.

By the way, ‘Sarlaughalot’ is our last Employee of the Week for this Innovative Follicles ad. View and rate it here.


‘Courtneyy1’ Got in Before Halloween!

October 26, 2010

Share‘Courtneyy1’ is our second last Employee of the Week. She put in a sterling performance as a witness to our gory murder in the elevator! You can rate her submission here. Hurry, if you want to give ‘Courtneyy1’ a run for her money and be in the running for our final Employee of the Week […]

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‘ultrakiller’ …again

October 7, 2010

ShareOK ‘ultrakiller’, we hear you, we see you. You’re our Employee of the Week again – this time for Office Art. And remember, only one month left to Halloween. Better get moving if you want to knock this guy off his perch! Get creative and send us some grizzly pics!

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Freak Me Out

September 28, 2010
Thumbnail image for Freak Me Out

Share ‘Missfreaky’ is our Employee of the Week for her brilliant Lansdale Clinic ad where she turns the concept of blood letting on its head. Go to the site and leave a comment or rate her work here. Fabulous freaky free merch going out to you from our shop – now get back to work […]

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frazm, late… again

September 20, 2010
Thumbnail image for frazm, late… again

Share Or should that be, Redd Inc., you’re late at recognising the remarkable talent of ‘frazm’. So we’re proud to announce ‘frazm’ as our Employee of the week for his brilliant and regurgitory exposition of a Redd Inc. witness to the gruesome murder in the lift.  Frazm’s submission was also featured on leading horror community […]

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‘ultrakiller’ of the week

September 13, 2010
Thumbnail image for ‘ultrakiller’ of the week

ShareOur ‘Employee of the Week’ prize this week goes to ‘ultrakiller’ for his end credit music submission. You can listen to the track, rate it or make comments here. This track just sounds cinematic, steadily builds tension and suspense and has been road tested in our ‘Meet the Team’ promo here. And, if you haven’t already […]

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Congratulations Dean Kyrwood!

August 30, 2010

Share Our second ‘Employee of the Week’ prize goes to DeanKyrwood for an excellent acting submission as HR Rep. This was one of three submissions from Dean so far and they’re ALL good and creepy! It’s been another impressive week of contributions, keep them coming. And if you have a chance to check them out please remember […]

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First ‘Employee of the Week’

August 24, 2010

Share Our inaugural ‘Employee of the Week’ prize goes to “Flick” for this excellent directing submission promoting the ‘Lansdale Clinic’. She has won a fantastic merchandise pack from the Redd Inc shop. “Flick” is actually Felicity Fulcher, an emerging artist from Tasmania. Besides the winning Directing piece she has also submitted artwork to Redd Inc, […]

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