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‘unusual-young’ you’re a winner


by Redd Blog on September 6, 2010

Our ‘Employee of the Week’ prize this week goes to an excellent office art submission by ‘unusual-young’. We chose this submission because there’s obviously a lot of attention to detail that has gone into it. ‘unusual-young’ has paid
close attention to our brief by including a goldfish and even a leering snaggle-toothed face or two.

If you’re considering submitting an office art work remember you need to tap into the deranged mind of Redd, our ‘boss from hell’, and try to capture something that can only come from his twisted world view.

Another week and more fantastic contributions pouring in from our talented community. Don’t keep it a secret, tell your friends to visit reddincthemovie.com, check out your work and rate it.

A ‘boss from hell’ cap and mug goes out to unusual-young from the Redd Inc shop.

You can be in the running for next week’s prize by submitting your acting, directing, art or musical creations by Sunday 12th September.

Rate or comment on the winning submission from ‘unusual-young’ here.


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