bella heathcote

Well Done Bella Heathcote!

by Redd Blog on May 14, 2012

A huge congratulations to Bella Heathcote on her amazing performance opposite Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. Bella’s horror chops were years in the making as you can see from the first concept test for Redd Inc. that we shot in December 2009. We’re looking forward to seeing her on screen again on more and more impressive projects. Well done Bella!

Redd Inc. is the world’s first feature that includes content that was sourced from YouTube submissions. It is being unleashed on international distributors in Cannes this month and will premiere internationally later this year after its hugely successful debut at the Australian Film Festival in March.

More release information soon. Stay tuned. Now get back to work! This is the current Redd Inc. teaser trailer BTW.

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