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Upcoming Horror Appetizers

by Redd Blog on July 5, 2011

If you want to experience the dark side you’ve come to the right place. We’re still putting the final touches on the feature film but in the meantime please to enjoy a small sampler of behind-the-scenes moments that will satisfy your cravings for horror – or at least how we went about creating it. Just click on the links on our latest video and we’ll take you there.

What is Production Design? Find out right here by clicking the ‘Design’ link and get a tour of the Redd Inc set by our Production Designer Claire Granville.

Nicholas Hope and Kelly Paterniti are the stars of the show: the boss from hell and the employee under pressure. You can see Redd and Annabelle as they act out key moments of the drama in our ‘Cast’ video.

You know all that material you submitted online before Halloween last year? Our co-writer and web host Anthony O’Connor visited the set and made sure all the office art was hanging on the walls and the boss’s mug was in his office. Visit the office ‘cubefarm’ set with Anthony as he looks for online submissions amongst the blood spatter in the ‘Your Stuff’ video.

The movie was featured in May’s Fangoria MagazineFearnetIMDB, Bloody DisgustingLost ZombiesHorror-movies.caHorror NewsHorror PunksArrow in the Head and others. Why? We announced Horror Effects and Make Up genius Tom Savini had come out of retirement to work on our film. Follow the ‘Savini’ link to find out more details.


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Dan Krige

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Anthony O'Connor

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