Announcing Winners Plus New Acting Challenge

by Redd Blog on December 1, 2010


After a final surge of voting the final results are now in for Acting, Directing, Art and Music challenges which ran from 13 Aug to 31 Oct 2010. Our new video above has some breaking news about the Redd Inc project and includes a medley of the winning submissions. Thank you to everyone who submitted or rated, the quality of the work is beyond our wildest expectations and now we’re looking forward to including it in the movie. Some categories (like Office Art, Fake Your Own Death, Witnesses and BGz Clients) we are looking at not only including the winning submission in the movie but others as well. We’ll keep you posted

Drum roll…and the winners are:

Acting: frazm – Bulletgirlz Boss, chasemckenna – HR Rep, RUSirius – Bulletgirlz Client, Courtneyy1 – Witnesses

Directing: Sarlaughalot – Innovative Follicles, SKFilms – Lansdale Clinic, DrainStorm – Baby Cages

Art: pender – Fake Your Own Death, maadesign – Office Art, Kirsten – Boss’s Mug

Music: ultrakiller – Shaving, Hypnos – Stripping, Hypnos – Dressing, ultrakiller – End Credits

And our top ten raters were:

1. ultrakiller
2. pussywillow
3. mm
4. Gamorra
5. sixer six
6. maadesign
7. shithead
8. Hawksmoor
9. Dale Macabre
10, Ripper

New Acting Challenge

So where to next? It’s not over yet, far from it, we’ve just announced that we’re about to shoot the movie itself in March 2011. In the lead-up we are launching a new Acting Challenge – four new parts that will appear in the opening title sequence of the movie. Our Director Daniel Krige has some detailed notes on each of the parts on the web site for each of the new parts so you should check these out as part of your preparation.

You can find Dan’s notes on the four new parts here: Reporter, YouTuber, Relative, Patient

We’re looking forward to seeing your responses to our new acting challenge.


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