Screen Acting from jamseyhunt

by Redd Blog on December 29, 2010

Featured Screen Acting Submission

Jamseyhunt is the first screen acting submission we’re featuring here to highlight the skills of the Redd Inc acting community. This submission is for the YouTuber role, an integral part of the opening titles sequence of the film Redd Inc.

More Screen Acting Roles

The YouTuber part isn’t the only one we’re looking for. We also need a Patient, a Reporter and a Relative – all will feature in the opening title sequence of the movie. We’ll be shortlisting the top 10 submissions in each category so give it a go and you could find yourself on the big screen when Redd Inc is released later in 2011.

Screen Acting Incentives

We’ve just sent jamseyhunt a personalised badge and a gift from our merchandise store because he was one of the first 12 submissions for our new acting challenge. There’s still time to be in the running for a prize, all you have to do is submit a video that shows off your screen acting prowess in one of the four parts: YouTuber, Patient, Reporter or Relative. As you can see, we have submissions from Australia, the US, UK and Ireland, there’s no geographical or gender boundaries here, we want as wide a range of submissions as possible for these roles. Sometimes the best creative solutions come from the unexpected so by all means try to surprise us… And if you want some incentive you might want to check out the winners of our last acting challenge here.

Screen Acting Tips

Make sure when you prepare your part that you listen to Dan Krige’s Directors Tips because ultimately the selection of the successful roles will come down to him. It’s part of making sure that the performances serve the overall story we’re trying to tell. As well as being a highly experienced Director, Dan has also worked extensively as an actor and you’ll be able to improve your technique if you listen carefully to his notes for the four roles:  Reporter, YouTuber, Relative and Patient

We’ll also be releasing some more general screen acting tips from Dan in the near future so keep an eye out for them here.

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