It’s Nothing Personal

by Redd Blog on October 20, 2011

The ebook is out !

Now you can read the thrilling story of Redd Inc.’s heroine, webcam stripper Annabelle Hale, and it’s available for download on Kindle in an original horror novel called ‘Nothing Personal’.

Be one of the first to read and review the story behind the highly anticipated horror movie Redd Inc which will be released in 2012. The first ten reviews posted on Amazon will get another copy of the ebook gifted to anyone they choose.

If you don’t have a Kindle it’s not a problem because free Kindle readers are available for just about any platform here.

The ebook is only $4.99 and reveals everything. Here’s a quick description:

Nothing Personal is the harrowing account of Annabelle Hale’s abduction and forced employment at Redd Incorporated. Here, for the first time uncensored, is the brutal tale of life in Thomas Reddmann’s demented office known as “the Cubefarm”. Soon to be released as a film, Redd Inc., Annabelle’s story is an unforgettable account of true office horror.

The author is a discontented burlesque webcam stripper who hates her boss and is trying to make a new start. She is abducted during one of her shows and ends up chained to a desk with five others in a macabre, horrific make-shift office. Their self-appointed “boss” is escaped serial killer Thomas Reddmann (Redd), demented from experimental behaviour modification treatment. He requires Annabelle and his other “workers”, who were all participants in his trial, to find the true serial killer… or die horribly.

We follow Annabelle’s “doom blog” as she describes her ordeal in graphic detail. We read how she was trapped in a world of pain, impossible
expectations and the ever present prospect of a grisly end. With an officious and vicious management style, Redd forces her and his “staff” to
uncover the truth for the vengeance he seeks. Annabelle recalls the true terror she experienced in Nothing Personal. NOT for the faint-hearted.

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