Movie Acting Winners Pending

by Redd Blog on February 12, 2011

Redd Inc Act 2: Movie Acting Challenge

Thanks everyone for your fantastic submissions. We’re busily working our way through them at the moment trying to make the hard decisions about whose work should be included in the movie. After a lot of rorting of our ratings system we’ve decided to consider each and every submission because some of the best work had been deliberately rated down. Thanks everyone for your efforts – no thanks to people who registered a bunch of fake email addresses and tried to cheat the system.

Movie acting to movie shooting

Keep an ear out because we’ll be announcing Act 2 movie acting winners very soon. We’re going to start shooting this movie in under 3 weeks time so expect an announcement before Daniel calls ‘action’. The team have been very busy casting, finding crew, locations and all the things we’re going to need to carry this off. It’s an exciting time and during the next period you’ll be getting exclusive updates of our progress from the set. You’ll meet the actors, members of the crew and experience some of the drama taking place behind the scenes. You might even see sneak previews of some of the scenes that will feature your content.

Act 3?

We’ve also announced that after Act 1 and Act 2 there’s going to be an Act 3 – but first we have to shoot the movie. This will be another opportunity for you to get involved and showcase your creative talents. But you’ll have to sit tight for a while before this challenge is announced and we won’t be using the same ratings system!

You can view more of our videos that feature many of the brilliant submissions to Act 1 and Act 2 by going to our movie player.

You’ve made it difficult for us to choose the winning movie acting submissions – the quality of the work has been outstanding, but we’ll have an announcement soon.

Movie Acting Winner Pending

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Cody Perry February 13, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Sounds awesome!! Thanks for letting us know, I look forward to it. (:

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