Movie Acting Ratings Week

by Redd Blog on February 3, 2011

Choose Your Favorite Movie Acting Submission

Submissions have now closed for our acting challenge for four roles in the opening titles sequence of Redd Inc: Patient, YouTuber, Relative and Reporter.

Now it’s your turn to help us choose the winners by rating the 179 applications. You have to go to our main Redd Inc website and use our 5 star ratings system to cast your vote. We don’t count votes from YouTube’s thumbs up/down system – so by all means do this but it won’t be counted in the vote.

You can vote for your own submission but you only get one vote per submission. Please don’t try to cheat the system by setting up multiple email addresses, we can tell if you’re doing this and will remove the votes you cast in this way. Play fair, remember we’re choosing the top 10 movie acting submissions in each category and our Director Dan Krige and Producer Jonathon Green will make the final choices. We really need your help to ensure that Dan and Jonathon get the best submissions.

If you need to see small samples of other movie acting performances you can check them out on our video player.

Top Rated Movie Acting Performances So Far

Fionnuala Collins from Ireland is leading the Reporter field so far. We’ve had a lot of great submissions from Ireland and this is one of them. Special thanks to all our friends in Ireland who really got behind this movie acting challenge. Rate her submission here.

Alissa Nunley from the US is leading the YouTuber submissions so far. If a performance could be both heartfelt and cool, this would be it. And Alissa is leading the YouTube category where there were over 70 submissions! This was our most popular category so make sure you check out more of the entries.  Rate her submission here.

Fionnuala Collins is killing it by leading in the Relative submissions as well. We thought her Patient was pretty good too, definitely a versatile and talented performer. You can rate her submission here.

DaPhenom22 is leading the patient field, he’s also from the US. The patient was also a popular category so DaPhenom22 is doing well to lead – he’s up against a lot of competition. You can rate his submission here.

Now go out and Rate Movie Acting

That’s it, we look forward to a fair fight – and to seeing all your ratings flood in for the best movie acting performances. Remember, ratings close at 11:59pm on Feb 7 2011!

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