Lost Zombies – Submit by Sept 15!

Lost Zombies

by Redd Blog on September 14, 2010

If you’re here at Redd Inc. because you like the idea of crowd-sourced content finding its way into a feature film, you might also like Lost Zombies – a project that brings together crowdsourcing, horror and the documentary format. We love this photo that was submitted to Lost Zombies by Meehow.

Currently Lost Zombies are in the process of editing a 30 minute short film which they will submit to festivals around the world beginning at the end of September. They are calling for submissions of photos and voicemails to be included in the short film – the only thing you have to remember is to get them in by September 15. Some examples of what they are looking for include: photos of a spray bottle full of blood, a bloody aluminium baseball bat and people wearing dust masks. As for voicemails try “Oh god… I see them… Hundreds… Hundreds”, “They’re on top of me!” (scream this one) and “Fuck you!”

You can find out the full details here. And Skot from Lost Zombies gives a rundown on the short film project in the video below.

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