How to Get your Music noticed in Redd Inc.

by Redd Blog on August 25, 2010

Serious Tips for the Musically Gifted

1. Skip to the point – folks are impatient, especially with online content. Open big; some tasty guitar licks, messed up horror sounds or a sample or two are all going to make raters sit up and pay attention. Two minutes of subtle lead-up is not

2. Remember you want people to rate your entry – THAT is how your song(s) will end up in the movie so get people to join up and rate you!

3. The comments section is there for a reason: explain why you believe your track would be so good in Redd Inc. Have a look at the plot, check out our teaser tester here and make an informed choice re: style etc.

4. You have five minutes. Make every second count. Better you overreach than underachieve

5. If you don’t like you you’ve posted simply fix what you hate and upload again. The more you upload the more chance you have


How to be a musician when you know you kinda suck

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SharePeople SHOULD have to listen to your noise, dammit Here are a few useful tips: 1)   If people don’t get your “sound”, tell them it’s “experimental” or “avant garde” 2)   Make 37 remixes and make your friends listen to them all. Eventually they’ll cave and declare you a genius… eventually 3)   Develop a heroin habit. […]

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