Acting: how to get noticed (seriously)

by Redd Blog on August 26, 2010

Serious Tips for Actors
1. Contextualise: everyone wants to be a star; everyone wants all the attention on them, that’s natural. However if you can view your role in the context of the whole film – you’re probably going to deliver a performance that feels “real”, or at least believable

2. Stand out: The other side of the coin is that we’ve got a lot of people delivering the same or similar dialogue – so remember you’ll be appearing on a small screen in the movie, make sure you’re eye-catching

3. Pick a tone and a mood: you could go with Arnold Stain’s harrowing but brilliant style above or vagabe’s hilarious entry – the only limit is your imagination

4. Enter more than one submission:  guys, just because an entry you sent in isn’t get the love of your peeps it’s by no means game over – have another go! Have another dozen goes. Try every single style you can think of

5. Get your friends to rate you! Hell, get your enemies to rate you. Just get those numbers up and you will be in a movie!


How to Get your Music noticed in Redd Inc.

August 25, 2010

ShareSerious Tips for the Musically Gifted 1. Skip to the point – folks are impatient, especially with online content. Open big; some tasty guitar licks, messed up horror sounds or a sample or two are all going to make raters sit up and pay attention. Two minutes of subtle lead-up is not 2. Remember you […]

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Directing – how to be mediocre in a world of excellence

August 23, 2010

ShareTips for aspiring directors · When in doubt edit the shit out of the footage or do that thing where it goes in slow motion, speeds up, then slows down again. GENIUS! · Does your film have Megan Fox in it? If not, try to increase the Megan Fox content. Just drape her over a […]

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How to be a great Artist or “I’m so deep, please blow me”

August 23, 2010

ShareTips for Artists Make sure to remain joyless and devoid of anything that could even resemble a sense of humour. Remember kids: if it makes you laugh and/or enjoy it – it’s NOT ART Suffering for your art is all good and well – but what’s the point if no one sees? Make sure to share […]

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Why let a lack of talent prevent you from being a star?

August 14, 2010

ShareHere’s a few useful tips for aspiring actors everywhere: 1)   Affectation is key: A funny hat, over or under-sized glasses, perhaps a jaunty neckerchief 2)   Accents are good, and everyone knows the best accents are Scottish*. eg: “Look at the small dog over there.” becomes “Would ye take a peep at that wee dug near […]

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Drawing Crap?

Thumbnail image for Drawing Crap? August 14, 2010

ShareBrilliant drawing from Coelasquid on Deviant Art which says so much more than an art text book or lesson. What a clever and concise way of showing drawing technique. Hope this helps you with your office art creation technique. This is only a small sample of the work, for the full thing go here.

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How to be a musician when you know you kinda suck

Thumbnail image for How to be a musician when you know you kinda suck August 12, 2010

SharePeople SHOULD have to listen to your noise, dammit Here are a few useful tips: 1)   If people don’t get your “sound”, tell them it’s “experimental” or “avant garde” 2)   Make 37 remixes and make your friends listen to them all. Eventually they’ll cave and declare you a genius… eventually 3)   Develop a heroin habit. […]

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Do this, only add sauce

Thumbnail image for Do this, only add sauce August 10, 2010

ShareHere’s an idea for an art submission – ask a member of your family to play dead and take a few happy snaps. It worked for Michael Zavros who today was announced as the winner of the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize for this portrait of his daughter in a death pose ‘Phoebe is Dead’. […]

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