Happy New Movie Acting Year

by Redd Blog on January 2, 2011

Happy New Year to all our readers, submitters, raters and people who have submitted to our new movie acting challenge. January 2011 is a time when you might want to hone your acting skills if your New Year’s Resolution is to act in a movie. Redd Inc can help you fulfil this dream, we are actively calling for submissions from as wide a range of actors as we can. 2011 is also an exciting time for us because this is the year when we will make Redd Inc and the shooting dates are approaching fast.

Movie Acting Open Call

But before the shoot kicks into gear we would love to have you involved. We currently have an open call for four movie acting roles which will appear in the opening title sequence of our movie. The parts are YouTuber, Report, Patient and Relative. You can find out more about these parts by reading the scripts and Director’s notes at Submit-Instructions-for-Roles. Just follow the instructions and upload your submission video to our site.

Congratulations First 12 in Movie Acting Challenge

Big congratulations to our first 12 submissions in the new acting challenge in December 2010. And the winners are:

Movie Acting Tips

Aspiring actors, we have included a new range of movie acting tips which may help you approach the opening titles roles. Redd Inc Director Dan Krige has some inciteful tips which will definitely help you to hone your acting performance and get high ratings.

Tip 1 – Take a risk
Any good acting peformance involves getting you outside your normal comfort zone so you can inhabit another character.

Tip 2 – There is no such thing as a small part
The actor’s job is to convince the audience that the character you are portraying is a living, breathing person.

Tip 3 – Get feedback from others
Before you film your performance it’s a great idea to get feedback from others on how convincing you are. Start with your nearest and dearest and work your way up to total strangers.

Tip 4 – Research your character
Do some background research on the character you are going to portray. Watch people who are similar, visit places where they might hang out, watch movies where similar characters are being portrayed.

You can also find some more humorous (and not so humorous) tips which may or may not help you with your movie acting.

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