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by Redd Blog on August 4, 2010

For Immediate Release
August 5, 2010
Open Call for Creative Students
World-First Feature Film Opportunity

Launching today, www.reddincthemovie.com offers a much coveted opportunity for students to have their creative work featured in the upcoming horror movie, Redd Inc. set for release in 2011.

By joining the free site, members are able to upload and rate creative submissions across the creative areas of acting, directing, art and music. Submissions with the highest ratings on October 31 (Halloween 2010) will be included in the film.

Redd Inc. is a savagely original horror movie being produced by Australian production company Green Light Productions Pty Limited. The ground-breaking approach of the filmmakers offers audiences multiple opportunities for creative input.

Acting students: One of the four Redd Inc. acting challenges is to play the part of a dour human resources manager who appears in the movie in a webcam interview.

Directing students: Budding directors are challenged to make 30 second commercials for bizarre products featured in the storyworld of the film.

Music and Art students: For musicians there is the opportunity to create four key music cues and artists are challenged to ‘Fake your own death’ to create forensic evidence which will feature in the film.

Call to ALL creative students: All students will learn to respond creatively to a brief, gain critical feedback for their work and get valuable insight into how a feature film is created: a unique opportunity for educators to provide their students a professional door opener to enhance learning and practical experience

Green Light Productions’ Managing Director Jonathon Green says:

We look forward to helping our content contributors
develop their hidden talents and showcase them to the
world. For us it’s all about creating new opportunities for
people to shine creatively.

www.reddincthemovie.com launches on August 5 2010.

Please direct enquiries to Jonathon Green: info@reddincthemovie.com

Download this press release here.

Download promotional poster here.

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