Behind the Scenes Secrets

by Redd Blog on May 6, 2011

The movie is still in the cutting room and we’re really exciting to let you know the project is going to be featured in May’s Fangoria magazine.

Watch our latest video and you might pick up a few hints about some big announcements just around the corner, as well as seeing our cast and crew deeply immersed in the making of the film.

Thankfully there’s not as much blood on the floor now our team are back in the office and we can report the editing process is progressing well and the project is really starting to come together.

And if you hear any gossip about the release of a novel by Annabelle Hale we’re not making any denials. Apparently she spills the beans on her experiences doing office work for the brutal Redd but you’re going to have to download it and read it yourself when it’s released online. Keep an ear out for that.

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