May 2011

Dawn of the Redd

by Redd Blog on May 13, 2011

In the behind-the-scenes stills we posted last week did you think you spotted a familiar face? And how about our IMDB profile?

OK it’s high time that we come clean with a little secret we’ve been keeping from you.

Yes the Godfather of Gore Tom Savini has come out of retirement to supervise the make-up and special effects on Redd Inc.

It’s been a fantastic experience to work with Tom and the team at MEG on the make-up and effects for the film. In the upcoming weeks we’re going to feature more videos we recorded with Tom where he reveals secrets to creating realistic horror effects. Keep an eye out for Fangoria Magazine 304 which comes out later this month and is dedicated to Tom Savini.


The Sultan of Splatter Tom Savini Returns

May 11, 2011
Redd Inc

SharePress release about attachment of horror great Tom Savini to the Redd Inc project.

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We’re on TV now

May 11, 2011
Kelly Paterniti

Share Renee Brack from the Movie Network visited the Redd Inc set during the last week of shooting and this is the story she’s just filed. It’s featured on Foxtel’s Movie Network’s Movie Juice this week and, if you can hang in there for 20 seconds, you’ll find Redd Inc sandwiched between the John Travolta […]

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Behind the Scenes Secrets

May 6, 2011

Share The movie is still in the cutting room and we’re really exciting to let you know the project is going to be featured in May’s Fangoria magazine. Watch our latest video and you might pick up a few hints about some big announcements just around the corner, as well as seeing our cast and […]

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