March 2011

Horror Effects

by Redd Blog on March 31, 2011

This week we delve into the murky world of horror special effects with Paul Katte from the Make-up and Effects Group (MEG). The company are well known for their work on the Matrix Trilogy, Man Thing and Cut and specialise in design, animatronics, prosthetics and model making. If you’re a horror fan you might want to check out their feature film project Mary Doe on Facebook – if you ‘like’ what you see let them know.

While we’ve delved into fake blood in the past, in this video you’ll delve into the subject in some depth. Did you know you can get mint flavoured blood, that some blood is designed to look good on the ground and that there are a multitude of other variations of the red liquid. While the set of Redd Inc is now sticky with the stuff – our feet literally stick to the carpets – it’s gratifying to know that it’s a job well done. We’re now into the last days of shooting, everyone is growing weary but we promise to squeeze out a few more drops to bring you final glimpses from the set. Weren’t those actors going to talk to HR Reps and Bulletgirz Bosses? Stay tuned.


2011 Horror – Are You in the Picture?

March 25, 2011
Annabelle Hale

Share Anthony wanders the set of Redd Inc searching for traces of content that has been submitted to the movie by our online audience. You’ll see our heroine Annabelle watching a witness statement that you might find strangely familiar. And then there’s the ‘Fake Your Own Death’ artwork that is now forensic evidence being examined […]

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Two Magic Movie Moments

March 18, 2011
Dan Krige

Share Things are beginning to get nasty. This week Redd Inc co-writer Anthony O’Connor bears witness to a violent act against director Dan Krige. Finally, he gets to sample the kind of pain he’s been serving up to his cast and crew for the past two weeks! Anthony then follows the action to attend a […]

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Film Design, Office Art, Buckets of Blood

March 11, 2011
Claire Granville

Share Redd Inc co-writer Anthony O’Connor talks this week with Claire Granville, the Production Designer and costume designer of the movie. Claire takes Anthony on a tour through the set of the movie after the crew have gone home for the night. She explains her approach to production design and shows elements of the set […]

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Ant’s Behind-the-Scenes Rant

March 4, 2011
Anthony O'Connor

Share During the final day of pre-production Anthony O’Connor leads us on a walk through of the Redd Inc production offices. He introduces some of the costume, production and design crew and reveals the cast of the movie doing a read through of the script. The Redd Inc shoot began today and will continue for […]

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