November 2010

How do you Rate?

by Redd Blog on November 22, 2010

Office horror raters

1. ultrakiller
2. pussywillow
3. mm
4. Gamorra
5. sixer six
6. shithead
7. maadesign
8. Hawksmoor
9. macca
10. neo

The good news is that there’s been some movement in the ratings since we sent out our membership email earlier in the day. Which shows that anything is still possible and there’s still time to make the top ten list and get your username and profile picture up on the silver screen as part of our office horror!

Office horror roles yet to be locked

If you’ve got a submission you think should be doing better, now is the time to get everyone you know to sign up and rate! Remember, you have to get in before December 1 when we will be announcing the winners and you might end up a part of our office horror movie when it comes out next year.

Top rating office horror submissions – Nov 22

Acting: frazm, chasemckenna, deankyrwood, courtneyy1

Directing: Sarlaughalot, DrainStorm, SKFilms

Music: Hypnos and Crazylittleflower

Art: Dale Macabre, maadesign and Kirsten
You can see a short edit of our ‘Fake Your Own Death’ Art submissions here.

We’re relying on your ratings to determine who goes into this movie, so now it’s over to you…

One of the leading office horror actors frazm


Fake your own death

November 11, 2010
Fake your own death

Share A small sample of the art submissions that came in for the Fake Your Own Death challenge. Which one of these gruesome pics is most convincing as a piece of forensic evidence in our horror movie?  This is just a small taster of submissions that have come in to Redd Inc since Fri 13th […]

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You Decide Who Goes in the Movie

November 8, 2010
HR Rep

Share Here are a few of the acting submissions for our HR Rep role. Who do you think does the best job of the detached recruitment exec who rejects Annabelle’s application for employment. This video is a small taster of the submissions that have come in to Redd Inc since Fri 13th August. See all […]

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November: Rate for your life

November 1, 2010
Rate For Your Life

Share Submissions are closed but Redd Inc. goes on. For all of November it’s your chance to decide which submissions go into the movie. The ten people who rate the most submissions will have the honour of having their usernames and profile pictures featured on the big screen near the beginning of the film. Annabelle, […]

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