October 2010

Cut-throat Competition Right up to Halloween

Cut throat Competition

by Redd Blog on October 29, 2010

Office disputes can sometimes get ugly. Here’s a happy snap of our Producer Jonathon Green playing the Boss from Hell with writer Anthony O’Connor. OK, we’ll come clean, we were taking photos as part of a press shoot for a local tabloid paper. Unfortunately the photos of us were replaced by Freddy Kruger at the last minute. After all that blood was spilt! By the way, competition is fierce for spots in the Redd Inc. movie so upload your submission before Midnight GMT, October 31.


Redd Alert: Feeling Entitled?

October 27, 2010
Boss from Hell

ShareThomas Reddmann provides a few gentle words of advice to cube farm workers the world over who are starting to feel a little bit, well… entitled. So what can you do about it? Maybe it’s best to act now before your Boss from Hell weighs in.

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‘Courtneyy1’ Got in Before Halloween!

October 26, 2010

Share‘Courtneyy1’ is our second last Employee of the Week. She put in a sterling performance as a witness to our gory murder in the elevator! You can rate her submission here. Hurry, if you want to give ‘Courtneyy1’ a run for her money and be in the running for our final Employee of the Week […]

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Call Out from Horror Legend Tom Savini

October 23, 2010
Tom Savini

Share How’s that for a call out from none other than Tom Savini? You may know Tom from his collaborations with George A. Romero on the Living Dead films and others like Friday the 13th, The Prowler and Maniac. Aside from being an award-winning special effects and make-up artist Tom is also an actor and […]

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Don’t Bleed on the Office Equipment

October 21, 2010
Miss Freaky

Share Now listen up, we go to a lot of trouble to send out beautiful prizes of our commemorative merchandise to our highest performing members…and this is what happens? Miss Freaky, consider this your first warning – when you’re awarded Employee of the Week you’re not supposed to disobey the rules. Bleeding on standard issue […]

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Final Call for Creative Submissions!

October 19, 2010
Redd Inc Logo

ShareHalloween draws near and we are about to close Redd Inc. creative submissions. If you’ve been cooking up an idea for the past couple of months now’s your time to put it into action and submit your content to the site. Don’t worry, by submitting so close to the deadline you will not be disadvantaged. […]

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Crazylittleflower and Submission Update

October 18, 2010
Music Icon

ShareOK we’re a bit late with this blog post but if you haven’t noticed already, Crazylittleflower is our employee of the week for his brilliant End Credits Track which you can listen to and rate here. By the way, our Halloween deadline is fast approaching so don’t waste any more time satisfying the demands of […]

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Savini on Rodriguez, Machete

October 14, 2010
Tom Savini

Share A few juicy details here about experiences of working with Robert Rodriguez on ‘Grindhouse’ and the much anticipated ‘Machete’. The Tom Savini interview continues in the Rodriguez vein, look out for Part 3 which features George A. Romero stories, future projects and even a few zombies.

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