September 2010

Freak Me Out

by Redd Blog on September 28, 2010

‘Missfreaky’ is our Employee of the Week for her brilliant Lansdale Clinic ad where she turns the concept of blood letting on its head. Go to the site and leave a comment or rate her work here.

Fabulous freaky free merch going out to you from our shop – now get back to work and get more submissions in before Halloween!

It’s also worth checking out out the office art submission that came in this week from ‘Missfreaky’ – she has a truely creepy interior design sensibility!

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frazm, late… again

September 20, 2010
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Share Or should that be, Redd Inc., you’re late at recognising the remarkable talent of ‘frazm’. So we’re proud to announce ‘frazm’ as our Employee of the week for his brilliant and regurgitory exposition of a Redd Inc. witness to the gruesome murder in the lift.¬† Frazm’s submission was also featured on leading horror community […]

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Redd Alert #1

September 16, 2010
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Share You may be wondering where you are, what you are doing here… you need a few words of assurance from Thomas Reddmann. Welcome to Redd Inc… and please don’t bleed on the office furniture.

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Horror Movie World First Converts Crowds to Creatives

September 16, 2010
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SharePress Release: An innovative film production is offering undiscovered creative people the chance to become part of a new horror movie by submitting videos, images, artwork and music to a website launched this month.

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September 15, 2010
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Share Here is a small taster of the acting, art and music submissions that have been pouring in to Redd Inc. Here is the background to the scene: A murder has taken place in the elevator of a crowded building. You see a man standing over a decapitated woman’s body, holding a bloody axe. Her […]

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Lost Zombies – Submit by Sept 15!

September 14, 2010
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ShareIf you’re here at Redd Inc. because you like the idea of crowd-sourced content finding its way into a feature film, you might also like Lost Zombies – a project that brings together crowdsourcing, horror and the documentary format. We love this photo that was submitted to Lost Zombies by Meehow. Currently Lost Zombies are […]

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‘ultrakiller’ of the week

September 13, 2010
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ShareOur ‘Employee of the Week’ prize this week goes to ‘ultrakiller’ for his end credit music submission. You can listen to the track, rate it or make comments¬†here. This track just sounds cinematic, steadily builds tension and suspense and has been road tested in our ‘Meet the Team’ promo here. And, if you haven’t already […]

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Meet the team

September 13, 2010
Anthony O'Connor

Share A project update and introduction from the Redd Inc. team Jonathon Green, Daniel Krige and Anthony O’Connor. 224 submissions have now been received in response to the Redd Inc creative call out for acting, directing, art and music work. This is an awsome effort, thanks to everyone who has submitted or rated content. Keep […]

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