August 2010

Congratulations Dean Kyrwood!

by Redd Blog on August 30, 2010

Our second ‘Employee of the Week’ prize goes to DeanKyrwood for an excellent acting submission as HR Rep. This was one of three submissions from Dean so far and they’re ALL good and creepy!

It’s been another impressive week of contributions, keep them coming. And if you have a chance to check them out please remember to rate them too! We’re looking forward to more fantastic acting performances, lots of amazing artworks and sensational soundtracks rolling in.

DeanKyrwood wins a cool Redd Inc hoodie from the Redd Inc shop (see below).

You can be in the running for next week’s prize by submitting your acting, directing, art or musical creations by Sunday 5th September.

You can rate Dean’s submission by clicking here.

Now… get back to work!

Redd Inc Hoodie

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Leaderboard – Thursday 26th August

August 27, 2010

Share This is our top rating acting submission so far for the Bulletgirlz Boss part, congratulations Franzm! The full list of the leading Redd Inc. creative submissions follows with links directly to the work so you can view and rate it. Improve your ratings by telling your friends and you might be featured in next […]

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Acting: how to get noticed (seriously)

August 26, 2010

Share Serious Tips for Actors 1. Contextualise: everyone wants to be a star; everyone wants all the attention on them, that’s natural. However if you can view your role in the context of the whole film – you’re probably going to deliver a performance that feels “real”, or at least believable 2. Stand out: The […]

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How to Get your Music noticed in Redd Inc.

August 25, 2010

ShareSerious Tips for the Musically Gifted 1. Skip to the point – folks are impatient, especially with online content. Open big; some tasty guitar licks, messed up horror sounds or a sample or two are all going to make raters sit up and pay attention. Two minutes of subtle lead-up is not 2. Remember you […]

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First ‘Employee of the Week’

August 24, 2010

Share Our inaugural ‘Employee of the Week’ prize goes to “Flick” for this excellent directing submission promoting the ‘Lansdale Clinic’. She has won a fantastic merchandise pack from the Redd Inc shop. “Flick” is actually Felicity Fulcher, an emerging artist from Tasmania. Besides the winning Directing piece she has also submitted artwork to Redd Inc, […]

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Directing – how to be mediocre in a world of excellence

August 23, 2010

ShareTips for aspiring directors · When in doubt edit the shit out of the footage or do that thing where it goes in slow motion, speeds up, then slows down again. GENIUS! · Does your film have Megan Fox in it? If not, try to increase the Megan Fox content. Just drape her over a […]

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How to be a great Artist or “I’m so deep, please blow me”

August 23, 2010

ShareTips for Artists Make sure to remain joyless and devoid of anything that could even resemble a sense of humour. Remember kids: if it makes you laugh and/or enjoy it – it’s NOT ART Suffering for your art is all good and well – but what’s the point if no one sees? Make sure to share […]

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Office Horror Teaser

August 14, 2010
Thumbnail image for Office Horror Teaser

Share This is a teaser we shot earlier in the year to explore the mood and themes of the film Redd Inc. It’s a test of our film’s main scenario: what could happen in a horror set in an office? It mines our deepest fears and insecurities about work – how many formative experiences have […]

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