#11 Screen Acting Submissions

by Redd Blog on February 6, 2011

Screen Acting: Vote them up?

Here’s a few screen acting submissions that at the time of posting are sitting at 11th place in the rankings of each category. Your ratings will decide the top 10 submissions in for each of the screen acting roles. Seems it’s worthwhile considering whether you think these performances should make it in. They are all strong contenders, maybe an indication of a strong overall field, or that they haven’t yet mobilised enough votes to enter the top 10. You decide, we think they’re worth a second look.

Screen Acting: Reporter #11

Redd Inc Screen Acting
WhatMonkey puts in a pretty convincing read in the reporter role. Those graphic crawls look like the genuine CNN and she looks the part. Vote for WhatMonkey by clicking on the image above.

Screen Acting: YouTuber #11

Redd Inc Screen Acting
Alex Jay TV’s rapid fire delivery style is convincing in the YouTuber screen acting role. Has this guy got a real vlog that we don’t know about? Vote for Alex Jay TV by clicking on the image above.

Screen Acting: Relative #11

Redd Inc Screen Acting
Todd89 puts in a heartfelt performance as a victim’s relative. Are they real tears or did he have a cold? You’ve got to admit he touches heartstrings in this performance. You can vote for him by clicking on the image above.

Screen Acting: Patient #11

Redd Inc Screen Acting
Another talent from Ireland, Amy Tierney puts in a good turn as the Lansdale clinic patient. Don’t you think she should be in the top 10? You can vote for her by clicking on the image above.

More Screen Acting Excerpts

Our last three official videos include montage sequences of many of the best submissions to this screen acting challenge, view them on our movie player.

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